New Recruits
Corporal E Mellin gives us his rendition of Reveille, in the first ever scene.

Sergeant Joan Hogan proves to be a real match for Ernie Bilko!

The Horse
Thoroughbred racehorse Bell Boy, has to be trained secretly at Fort Baxter.

The Hoodlum
Private Chick Parker disobeys all command, until he enters Bilko's platoon.

The Twitch
The whole post bet on how many times Gloria Whitney tugs at her girdle.

The Court-Martial
A monkey is accidentally inducted into the United States Army.

Rock 'n' Roll Rookie
Elvin Pelvin cannot go anywhere without being mobbed by girls!

Bilko the Marriage Broker
Ernie gets 'Cleo the Clutch' to help him break Lieutenant Tom Wallace.

Bilko's Perfect Day
The Gods have given Ernie a day where everything he touches turns to gold!

The Colonel Breaks Par
Ernie teaches the colonel how to play golf. With his eyes shut!

Bilko the Genius
The bet needs to be put on and the only way is to send it by rocket.

Bilko Male Model
Ugly faces seem to be all the rage in this seasons media advertisements!

Bilko's TV Pilot
Mega-shouty, Montana Morgan, joins the motor pool.

Weekend Colonel
The final scene.