The show is presented here, specially adapted for your reading pleasure.  They will rock you again even if you saw them on television.  If you didn't, you'll be grateful to have the chance to read about them.​​​​​

There's never been a comedy success like the Phil Silvers Show in the history of entertainment.  Within weeks of his debut hundreds of thousands of viewers were talking about him, then millions (yes literally millions and millions).  Now the number of his wildly enthusiastic fans is larger than even Ernie Bilko's fantastic avarice.

Here, at last, are six of the best episodes, Yes, six, count 'em, six of the choiciest adventures of Bilko and his brave companions of the Kansas wars.

A great many people think that Sergeant Bilko, as played by Phil Silvers, is the funniest character of the century.  Some say two centuries. Let's not split hairs, just relax and enjoy him.

Bilko  in  Wall  Street


Dinner  at  Sowici's



Mardi  Gras