Produced, written and staged by Nat Hiken
Directed by Jerome Shaw
Music by Ray Bloch
Settings: Randolph Gunter
A CBS Production

This show was filmed in August 1955. The only known copy was found in the Nat Hiken Collection at the Wisconsin Center for Film & Theater Research.

  1. Jack Warden as Henshaw (right)
    Jack Warden as Henshaw (right)
  2. The first Colonel!
    The first Colonel!
  3. Private Higgins (Michael Dreyfuss)
    Private Higgins (Michael Dreyfuss)
  4. Jimmy Little as the Chaplain.....
    Jimmy Little as the Chaplain.....
Filming was done using 16mm Kinescope and was never actually broadcast to a wider audience. The first thing you notice is the theme tune, as at this time the Bilko growl was not included. Plus, Sergeant Bilko has a different army number (AR4-2649062). This was actually the same episode as New Recruits - the difference being that there were a lot of different people playing the roles and of course it wasn’t so finely tuned. The part of Corporal Henshaw was played by the celebrated actor Jack Warden. Colonel Hall is not played by Paul Ford. The Chaplain is played by Jimmy Little, the man who went on to greater things as Sergeant Grover. ​​​

Other points to note were: Private Mullen had the first name of Sid, the Chaplain's first name was Tom and Maurice Gosfield played Mulrooney and not Doberman. The role of Private Doberman was actually played by Maurice Brenner, the man who would later find fame as Private Irving Fleischman.