Directed and Produced by Stanley Kramer 

Like many kids Stanley had a happy boyhood. Those that didn't, had happy girlhoods. That period of his life was devoted largely to make-believe.

At school, that took the form of writing. After graduation, he took his stories to Hollywood where he found work immediately -- as a carpenter.

He exchanged the saw for a pair of scissors to become a cutter, the scissors for a typewriter to become a writer, the typewriter for an ulcer to become a producer, the ulcer for spectacles to become a director.

What would have happened if he had had an unhappy childhood? Probably he'd have been running a studio.

  1. Stanley Kramer
    Stanley Kramer
  2. Spencer Tracey
    Spencer Tracey
  3. Milton Berle
    Milton Berle
  4. Sid Caesar
    Sid Caesar
  5. Buddy Hackett
    Buddy Hackett
Writing credits: William Rose & Tania Rose​

Actors et al:

Spencer Tracy ... Capt. C. G. Culpepper 
When they began thinking about casting the Dick Tracy of the Santa Rosita Police Department, his namesake was the obvious choice. SpencerTracy had been subduing scene stealers for a long time.

He was an easy-going actor who originally wanted to be a doctor, but he changed his mind when he discovered medicos worked late hours. His philosophy of life was best summed up by the answer he gave an interviewer who wanted to know the first thing that he looked for in a script.  Spence fixed him with a beady eye and said -- "Days off." On a serious point Mr Tracy was the greatest actor of his generation.

Milton Berle ... J. Russell Finch
When Milton Berle was born, people invented talking movies, radio and television so he could become a star of all three. He acted pretty good too, he had three brothers, a wife and two children. He did magic and shot billiards (the poor things). If anyone of the cast ever got to play Hamlet it would have been Milton - and it would have been very interesting watching him upstage his father's ghost.

Sid Caesar ... Melville Crump
Sid grew up in New York City, where his neighbours complained "that boy doesn't talk straight." But he taught himself into the Coast Guard, which got him into Tars and Spars, which got him into show business, which got him into TV and that got him into trouble. Somewhere along the line he developed muscles in all the right places and even when he shook hands with you, it hurt. He called his home The Forum. It housed three little Caesars and a Mrs Caesar.

Buddy Hackett ... Benjy Benjamin
Buddy was a poor kid who wanted attention and got it by being funny. He was a wise kid too, who one day said to himself: "Why should I be funny for nuttin'?" and thereuponcashed in on television, night clubs, stage and films. During the early days when he was not performing he did casual work as a truck driver, lumber salesman and upholsterer. He even upholstered himself, too -- when he enrolled at Duke University -- to diet. Mickey Rooney said that when they started work together he thought Buddy was the new Fatty Arbuckle. Later he wasn't even sure if he could make Slim Summerville on a clear day.

  1. Ethel Merman
    Ethel Merman
  2. Mickey Rooney
    Mickey Rooney
  3. Dick Shawn
    Dick Shawn
  4. Phil Silvers
    Phil Silvers
  5. Terry-Thomas
Ethel Merman ... Mrs. Marcus
When the newborn daughter of Mr and Mrs Edward Zimmerman of Long Island was patted on her -- shall we say backside? -- her first wail was heard loud and clear in the talent agencies of Manhattan. That little lady became Ethel Merman, the first lady of musical comedy. Her great voice, like a shot on D-Day has since been heard all around the globe. When in New York she often used to speak to her friends in Hollywood without bothering to use the telephone.

Mickey Rooney ... Ding Bell 
Mickey was born in Brooklyn of show-business parents, he was a Yule present to his mother and father who bore that surname. He came up the hard way, not getting his name in lights until he was seven years old. His talents continued to grow long after he stopped (at 5-foot-3) and he became the categorical proof that a child star can make it as an adult star.

Dick Shawn ... Sylvester Marcus 
Buffalo, where he was born, was very proud of Dick because he was born there and that makes it his birthplace and places like that were proud to be the place. He was a great believer in health foods because they keep him healthy, like nuts, persimmons, grapefruit, herbal tea, raw eggs and also eggs that aren't cooked. He was no man to Indian wrestle with or against.

Phil Silvers ... Otto Meyer 
In his native (pardon the expression) Brooklyn, Phil was less than a day old when, squinting from behind his horn-rimmed glasses, he devised the original scheme for selling the Brooklyn Bridge. (So I am informed on excellent authority). Some years later, his larcenous representations were providing him a fortune. He lived in Beverly Hills like a caliph and helped to perpetuate the dreadful American matriarchy by raising five beautiful daughters.

Terry-Thomas ... J. Algernon Hawthorne 
He was once described, by a British journalist, as the perfect example of how completely a mad-cap comedian can blow his top. Of course, you are interested in the hyphenated name. Born Thomas Terry Hoar Stevens, his first stage name was Mot Snevets, which is Tom Stevens spelt backwards. Then he tried Thomas Terry. Next, Terry Thomas. Then the hyphen. Howzat grab you?

  1. Jonathan Winters
    Jonathan Winters
  2. Edie Adams
    Edie Adams
  3. Dorothy Provine
    Dorothy Provine
  4. Jimmy Durante
    Jimmy Durante
Jonathan Winters ... Lennie Pike 
There was no sound or person that was not born with Jonathan. You name him, her, or it -- he can do it, him or her. Uncanny, that was the word for his imitations. He was the daddy of a boy and a girl. And they were uncanny at mimicking their father's imitations.

Edie Adams ... Monica Crump 
What a body she had! She was colossal in TV, clubs, stage and films. Jimmy Durante thought it would be good if he taught her to sing. An interesting idea and he gave it his all. When he taught her he made Maria Callas sound like George Burns with a sore throat.

Dorothy Provine ... Emmeline Marcus-Finch 
Dorothy had everything a girl could need -- she was not only pretty and talented and intelligent, she was lucky. After all, not everybody got to play Milton Berle's wife and Ethel Merman's daughter. She was born in Deadwood, South Dakota but she gleefully failed to live up to her home town name.

Jimmy Durante ... Smiler Grogan
Everybody knows that Jimmy Durante was the handsomest, most fascinating man in the world. What you don't know was that he started out as a photo engraver. He had to quit that profession because his eyes weren't sharp enough for working at a distance and he could never bend down close enough to work at anything else. Before he hit the big time, he played the piano for a singing waiter named Eddie Cantor. He was a star in every phase of show-business, including television although, as expected, he didn't make it there until the advent of 21 inch screens!

  1. Eddie 'Rochester' Anderson ... First Cab Driver
    Eddie 'Rochester' Anderson ... First Cab Driver
  2. Jim Backus ... Tyler Fitzgerald
    Jim Backus ... Tyler Fitzgerald
  3. Ben Blue ... Airplane Pilot
    Ben Blue ... Airplane Pilot
  4. Alan Carney ... Police Sergeant
    Alan Carney ... Police Sergeant
  5. Barrie Chase ... Mrs Halliburton
    Barrie Chase ... Mrs Halliburton
  6. Peter Falk ... Second Cab Driver
    Peter Falk ... Second Cab Driver
  7. Paul Ford ... Colonel Wilberforce
    Paul Ford ... Colonel Wilberforce
  8. Leo Gorcey ... Third Cab Driver
    Leo Gorcey ... Third Cab Driver
  9. Edward Everett Horton ... Dinckler
    Edward Everett Horton ... Dinckler
  10. Buster Keaton ... Jimmy the Crook
    Buster Keaton ... Jimmy the Crook
  11. Don Knotts ... Nervous Man
    Don Knotts ... Nervous Man
  12. Carl Reiner ... Tower Controller at Rancho Conejo
    Carl Reiner ... Tower Controller at Rancho Conejo
  13. The Three Stooges (Moe Howard, Larry Fine, Joe De Rita) ... Firemen
    The Three Stooges (Moe Howard, Larry Fine, Joe De Rita) ... Firemen
  14. Joe E. Brown ... Union Official
    Joe E. Brown ... Union Official
  15. Andy Devine ... Sheriff Mason
    Andy Devine ... Sheriff Mason
  16. Sterling Holloway ... Fire Chief
    Sterling Holloway ... Fire Chief
  17. Marvin Kaplan ... Irwin
    Marvin Kaplan ... Irwin
  18. Charles McGraw ... Lieutenant Matthews
    Charles McGraw ... Lieutenant Matthews
  19. Zasu Pitts ... Gertie - Switchboard Operator
    Zasu Pitts ... Gertie - Switchboard Operator
  20. Madlyn Rhue ... Police Secretary Schwartz
    Madlyn Rhue ... Police Secretary Schwartz
  21. Madlyn Rhue ... Police Secretary Schwartz
    Madlyn Rhue ... Police Secretary Schwartz
  22. Arnold Stang ... Ray
    Arnold Stang ... Ray
  23. Jesse White ... Radio Tower Operator at Rancho Conejo
    Jesse White ... Radio Tower Operator at Rancho Conejo
  24. Stan Freberg ... Deputy Sheriff
    Stan Freberg ... Deputy Sheriff
  25. Norman Fell ... Detective at Grogan's crash site
    Norman Fell ... Detective at Grogan's crash site
  26. Jerry Lewis ... Nutty Driver who runs over hat
    Jerry Lewis ... Nutty Driver who runs over hat
  27. Allen Jenkins ... Police Officer
    Allen Jenkins ... Police Officer
The rest:

William Demarest ... Police Chief Aloysius, Charles Lane ... Airport Manager, Lloyd Corrigan ... The Mayor, Selma Diamond ... Ginger Culpepper (voice), Louise Glenn ... Billie Sue Culpepper (voice), Ben Lessy ... George the Steward, Bobo Lewis ... Pilot's Wife, Mike Mazurki ... Miner, Nick Stewart ... Truck Driver, Sammee Tong ... Chinese Laundryman, Nicholas Georgiade ... Detective at Grogan's crash site, Chick Chandler ... Detective outside Chinese Laundromat, Cliff Norton ... Reporter, Roy Roberts ... Policeman outside Irwin & Ray's Garage, Jack Benny ... Man in Car in Desert, Paul Birch ... Policeman, John Clarke ... Helicoper Pilot, Stanley Clements ... Detective in Squad Room, Minta Durfee ... Woman in Final Crowd Scene, Roy Engel ... Patrolman / Police Radio Voice Unit F-14, James Flavin ... Patrolman, Stacy Harris ... Police Radio Voice Unit F-7 (voice), Don C. Harvey ... Policeman in Helicopter, Robert Karnes ... Police Officer Simmy, Tom Kennedy ... Traffic Cop, Harry Lauter ... Police Dispatcher, Bob Mazurki ... Eddie - Miner's Son, Barbara Pepper ... Undetermined Role, Eddie Ryder ... Air Traffic Control Tower Staffer, Charles Sherlock ... Crowd Extra, Eddie Smith ... Extra, Doodles Weaver ... Hardware Store Clerk
Other crew:

Saul Bass .... Titles by  
Anne Kramer .... Assistant to producer
Paul Mantz .... Aerial supervisor  
Bud Pine .... Production coordinator  
Marshall Schlom .... Script supervisor  
Frank Tallman .... Aerial supervisor  
Ivan Volkman .... Assistant to director  
Clarence Agress .... Physician for Phil Silvers 
Robert E. Blair .... Dog Trainer
William T. Hurtz .... Director: animated title sequence
Original Music by Ernest Gold
Cinematography by Ernest Laszlo 
Film Editing by  Gene Fowler Jr., Robert C. Jones, Frederic Knudtson  
Production Design by Rudolph Sternad  
Art Direction by Gordon Gurnee  
Set Decoration by Joseph Kish  
Costume Design by Bill Thomas

Makeup Department 
George Lane
Connie Nichols  
Lynn F. Reynolds
Steven Clensos
Rolf Miller 

Production Management 
Clem Beauchamp
Adrian Woolery

Second Unit Director or Assistant Director 
George Batcheller 
Bert Chervin
Charles Scott
Carey Loftin

Art Department 
Art Cole

Sound Department 
Walter Elliott
Roy Granville
John Kean
Clem Portman
Vinton Vernon
Glenn E. Anderson
Richard Portman
Gordon Sawyer

Special Effects by 
Danny Lee
Chuck Gaspar

Visual Effects by 
Linwood G. Dunn
Farciot Edouart
James B. Gordon
Jim Danforth  
Marcel Delgado
Willis H. O'Brien​

Camera and Electrical Department 
Joe Edesa
Dick Johnson
Martin Kashuk
Hal McAlpinin) 
Irmin Roberts 
Morris Rosen
Charles F. Wheeler
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Jack Woolf 
Carey Loftin  
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May Boss
Richard E. Butler  
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