General Adcock
Camp overseer. Asked, by Colonel Hall, to make Swiffington Bilko an officer.
See episode: Bilko's Cousin
Played by Howard Wierum
Howard has played some distinguished figures whilst acting on the Broadway stage and appearing on television. On the small screen, he appeared in two episodes of the 1951 series of Hallmark Hall of Fame as former American Presidents, Theodore Roosevelt and Andrew Jackson. 

Sergeant Allan
The man in charge of Fort Baxter Company 'A'. His squad challenge Bilkos' Company ‘B’ to an 'Eating Contest'.
See episode: The Eating Contest
Played by Murray Hamilton
Over the years Murray, made many guest roles in a variety of television shows, but the one that stands out was his part in an episode of the cult show 
The Twilight Zone, this was called ‘One for the Angels’ and he found himself playing ‘Death’. He is possibly best remembered in movies for his part as the inflexible ‘Amity Island’ Mayor Larry Vaughn in the Steven Spielberg-directed shark-thriller Jaws.

Major Allenby
She is in charge of the Wac section of Camp Fremont.
See episode: The Bilko Boycott
Played by Philippa Bevans
Philippa was actually born in London, England. From 1930 up until 1967, she performed in a variety of shows on Broadway. She starred in the original, 1956 Broadway musical, My Fair Lady. In that show she played Mrs Pearce, co-starring with the all-time greats, Rex Harrison and Julie Andrews. She sings ‘You Did It’ with Rex and ‘I could have danced all night’ with Julie.

Captain Anderson
An Army talent spotter. He helps Ed Sullivan with the line-up for his military show.
See episode: Sergeant Bilko Presents Ed Sullivan
Played by ??

Lieutenant Anderson
An officer who is pleased to see the colonel made up to brigadier.
See episode: The Colonel's Promotion
Played by Larry Douglas
In 1951 Larry appeared on The Ed Sullivan show as a singer.

Benedict 'Benji' Arnold

Assistant/Valet. Major Joshua Bilko’s right-hand-man during the American War of Independence. He tells Bilko, Brandywine Creek is where his next date is!!
See episode: Revolutionary War
Played by Richard Bishop
Richard appeared in many stage productions on Broadway. Over the years he has appeared alongside such luminaries as Paul Muni, Boris Karloff  and Ethel Barrymore. In 1944, he appeared in the play I Remember Mama. A young actor made his acting debut during the run of this original comedy show. That actor was the acting God, Marlon Brando.

Captain Arnold
An officer who handles the rushed induction of Harry Speakup into the American Army. In an attempt to induct more than three hundred recruits into the army, within three hours, he accidentally lets a chimpanzee in!!
See episode: The Court-Martial
Played by ??

Sam Baker
A rich banker and member of the National Guard. He is given menial tasks to do by Bilko - because he thought he was someone else!
See episode: Bilko Buys a Club
Played by Peter Turgeon
1n 1960 Peter appeared in the Broadway revue show A Thurber Carnival. Also in the cast was Colonel Hall himself, Paul Ford.

Sergeant C.J. Bentonhurst
Fort Baxter explosives expert. Not snooty enough to be allowed to attend his son's wedding.
See episode: The Blue Blood of the Bilkos
Played by Fred Herrick
Fred also appeared as a sergeant in the 1957 film Street of Sinners.

Captain George Bigelow
National Guard Commander. He is up against the colonel’s men in a mock battle.
See episode: War Games
Played by Humphrey Davis
After his stint on Bilko, Humphrey appeared at the Longacre Theatre, Broadway, in a production called Jolly's Progress. Topping the bill of this play was none other than future Catwoman, Eartha Kitt.

Major Joshua Bilko
An 18th Century ancestor of Ernie Bilko. In the winter of 1777 the revolutionary army, led by General George Washington, are cold and starving yet remarkably this man is as fit as a fiddle and is organizing raffles for the dishevelled troops. In front of Washington and his staff he pulls out a ginormous turkey leg and eats it - even though nobody else had ate for three days!! He persuades Washington to cross the river at Brandywine - thereby changing the whole course of the war - because he has a date with two barmaids there!!
See episode: Revolutionary War
Played by Phil Silvers

General Billings
He is a top brass officer who visits Bilko's platoon.
See episode: The Son of Bilko
Played by ??

Sergeant Harry Birch
Along with Bilko and Grover, he tries to break into the Army guardhouse in order to play a hand of cards with Rupert Ritzik.
See episode: Love That Guardhouse
Played by Frederick O'Neal
Frederick was so named in honour of the famed abolitionist, women's suffragist, author, statesman and reformer, Frederick Douglass. He was a major factor in championing black actors onto stage and screen. Frederick co-founded many theatre companies and cultural organizations, one being Harlem's American Negro Theatre (ANT).  This establishment helped to launch the careers of some legendary people. Harry Belafonte and Sidney Poitier are just two of the many famous names that it helped into acting. Between the years 1964-1973 he was the first black President of the American actors union Equity.

Major Bronby
A Pentagon officer, who admires members of the motor pool for their courage, after they volunteer to eat oats for four consecutive days.
See episode: The Horse
Played by ??

Captain Buckmaster
Army talent scout. He says Bilko's platoon is not good enough singers.
See episode: The Song of the Motor Pool
Played by David White

Even though he starred in many television shows, David will always be remembered for his role as Larry Tate in the American comedy show, Bewitched.

General Buffkin
Top man at Camp Crowley.
See episode: The Big Uranium Strike
Played by ??

General Caldwell
Top brass. Bilko organises a band to tour Europe for him.
See episode: Bilko's Bopster
Played by John Boruff
In 1954, John played Commander Swift in the American TV show Rod Brown of the Rocket Rangers. This proved to be great training, for his forthcoming Bilko part, as it was filmed live.

Charlie Clusterman
Short order chef. The colonel's double, installed as camp commander by Bilko.
See episode: Weekend Colonel
Played by Paul Ford
In 1944 at the Belasco Theater, Paul made his New York, Broadway stage debut in a three-act drama called Decision. In this play he played the part of Sergeant Carey. Nine years later at the Martin Beck Theater he would star as Colonel Wainright Purdy III, in the comedy play The Teahouse of the August 
Moon. Little did Paul know that he would go on to play a different colonel some two years later.

General Cobb
He has the dubious task of rating Bilko’s army training film.
See episode: Platoon in the Movies

Played by Edwin Cooper
In 1942 ‘Ed’ appeared at the Cort Theatre on Broadway starring as Ralph West in the play The Eve of St. Mark. Also in the cast there were other actors who went on to have roles in the Bilko show. They were George Mathews (Quentin Q. Benton) and Charles Mendick (Arnold Schultz).

Sergeant J.J. Coogan
Quartermaster. Ernie needs some equipment from him in order to shoot a movie.
See episode: Bilko's TV Pilot
Played by Danny Dayton
When A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum opened on Broadway in 1962, Danny had to learn the roles of Prologus and Pseudolus, even though he wouldn’t be in the play on a regular basis. This was because he was the understudy in the drama to that wonderful comic actor, Zero Mostel. Danny had a recurring role as Hank Pivnik in the 1979 American television comedy show Archie Bunker's Place.

Sergeant J.J. Covington
A man, who is in straight competition with Bilko, over who can arrange the best money making schemes at Camp Fremont.
See episode: Bilko vs. Covington
Played by Keefe Brasselle
In the early 1960’s Keefe was the right-hand man to CBS TV President James T. Aubrey. In 1968, he released the novel The CanniBalS which was basically his take on what happens behind the scenes at CBS. 

Lieutenant Cranston
He is an officer who cannot take his eyes off the new culture instructor, Lieutenant Rocksberry.
See episode: Bilko's War Against Culture
Played by ??

Doctor 'Iron Curtain' Curtis
Camp medical officer. Nicknamed 'Iron Curtain' as nobody gets past him through feigning sickness.
See episode: Bivouac
Played by Arthur Storch (called Stewart in the closing credits)
In 1974, Arthur founded the Syracuse Stage as a not-for-profit theater. This is Central New York's premier professional theater. Since its inception, the Syracuse Stage has gone on to produce more than 220 plays in 35 seasons.

General Davis
A high ranking officer who drops in on Fort Baxter.
See episode: Love That Guardhouse
Played by ??

Franklin De Witt
A Supermarket Butcher and member of the National Guard. He is suspected wrongly, by Bilko, of being a rich banker.
See episode: Bilko Buys a Club
Played by Edward Andrews
Edward was one of the most recognizable character actors on television and motion pictures between the 1950s and the 1980s. He wore his trade mark horn rimmed glasses in role after role on the big and little screen. His memorable parts, in films, include as George F. Babbitt in The Absent-Minded Professor, and as Admiral Harold R. Stark in Tora, Tora, Tora. His last film role was as Roland Corben the bank manager in the 1984 film Gremlins.

Major Donald

ck. This was a 13 part marionette show written by Everett Crosby and adapted from the original tales of Al Capp. A Medical Officer at Fort Baxter. This officer has excused Bilko out of the Bivouac exercises, every year, with lots of different illnesses. Rhinitis, Bovinitis and tonsilitis twice!!
See episode: Bivouac
Played by ??

Corporal Mike Egan
Bilko needs a member of his platoon to fight this guy in a boxing bout.
See episode: Boxer
Played by Johnny Seven
After the Bilko show, Johnny went on to play numerous character parts in over six hundred TV shows. Among them was a recurring role as Lieutenant Carl Reese in the American detective series Ironside.

General Fleming
Pentagon officer. He launches 'Operation Brainpower'.
See episode: Bilko the Genius
Played by John Boruff

Paymaster. This man is in charge of the cash at Camp Fremont.
See episode: Guinea Pig Bilko
Played by Jim Bowles
In 1954, Jim appeared in a mystery TV series called Inner Sanctum, also in the cast were Bilko cast members; Murray Hamilton, Constance Ford and Ralph Stantley.

Major W. Friend
A top brass officer who is looking to send stressed out soldiers to ‘Camp Paradise’. 
See episode: The Rest Cure
Played by David White
David served with the United States Marine Corps during World War II. In 1988, his son, Jonathan, died aged 33, in the Libyan terrorist bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland.

Captain B. Grace
He is a Medical Officer on the post. He gives Ernie an examination.
See episode: The Physical Check-up
Played by John Griggs
In 1952, John was one of the voices in the television show Fearless Fosdick. This was a 13 part marionette show written by Everett Crosby and adapted from the original tales of Al Capp. 

Corporal Bill Harrison
At Camp Miller, before he transfers to Fort Baxter, he was courting the colonels new secretary
See episode: Bilko and the Colonel's Secretary
Played by Ken McEwan

Sergeant Bill 'Hog' Henderson
Champion eater of the army. That is until he comes up against 'The Stomach' in an eating contest.
See episode: The Eating Contest
Played by Bern Hoffman
Between November, 1950 and November 1953, Bern played Joey Biltmore in the award winning musical Guys and Dolls. The show ran for a staggering 1200 performances.

Lieutenant Johnson
The colonels right-hand man.
See episode: Bilko’s Cousin
Played by Bob Hastings
In 1970, Bob starred as Chief Walsh in the comedy movie The Boatniks, also appearing in this film was former Bilko stars Joe E. Ross, Al Lewis and the man himself, Phil Silvers.

Private Pearly Johnson
An unbelievably slick GI who seems to be able to charm the pants of any lady he talks to. Bilko tries in vein to keep him away from the French girl called Mignon.
See episode: Papa Bilko
Played by Robert Webber
The great character actor Robert sadly died in 1989 of ‘Lou Gehrig's disease’. This illness, of the nervous system and muscles, is named after the famed New York Yankees Baseball slugger whose death in 1941 was caused by the disorder.

Lieutenant Kissell
A new and a very keen top brass officer who replaces Lieutenant Parker as the new Special Service officer.
See episode: The Centennial
Played by??

General Kramer
A high ranking officer who is asked to give his opinion on Doberman's face!
See episode: The Face on the Recruiting Poster
Played by Jim White

Lieutenant Larson
An officer, who is not fooled by Bilko’s shenanigans.
See episode: Bilko Joins the Navy
Played by Larry Douglas
In 1948, Larry appeared on The Morey Amsterdam show singing, as himself.

He helps Ernie, with tips and tricks, in ways of getting around the globe ASAP.
See episode: Bilko Goes Round the World
Played by Bob Hastings
Bob has done lots of voice-over work in his time. Along with Mel Blanc, he was the voice of the raven in the Munsters TV show. He was also the voice of Commissioner Jim Gordon in Batman: The Animated Series.

Major Charles Lukens
In charge of the camp in the absence of the colonel. He starts seeing green men from Mars on the Army camp.
See episode: Bilko and the Flying Saucers
Played by Edward Andrews
Edward was one of the most recognizable character actors on television and motion pictures between the 1950s and the 1980s. He could play any part with ease, be it a hearty fellow, a sinister one or even a hen-pecked one. One of his famous quotes was this ‘I'm cocky enough, still, to say that the things I do best there isn't anyone in the business that can do them better than I. There are roles nobody can play better than I. It seems awfully immodest, but I have no doubt about it in the world.’

Corporal E. Mellin
He is the Fort Baxter Bugler with a very interesting way of playing 'Reveille' - he just puts on a long playing record of the tune!!
See episode: New Recruits
Played by??

General Merritt
Top brass at the Pentagon who sends Ernie Bilko to act as a military adviser on a new C.D. Chadwick war movie.
See episode: Hollywood
Played by Malcolm Beggs
In 1956, a year after Malcolm starred in the Bilko show, he was found murdered in Chicago. Malcolm was in his hotel suite when two youths tried to rob him, he put up an almighty struggle but the pair overcame him and beat him to death with bottles. He was on tour appearing in the stage drama No Time for Sergeants at the time

Tony Minelli
The Post Barber. He has been experimenting on Bilkos scalp, with different hair restorers, for seven years.
See episode: Hair
Played by Michael Enserro
In 1974, Michael appeared in the play, Saturday Sunday Monday, at the Martin Beck Theatre New York, directed by Franco Zeffirelli. Also in the drama was Eli Wallach (the bad in the film The Good, the Bad and the Ugly). Michael played the part of Catiello.

Major Newman
He is a medical examiner on the post. After checking Bilko out, he says it is the first case of ‘Peacetime combat fatigue’ that he has ever seen.
See episode: The Physical Check-up
Played by Don Douglas
Don also turned up in the television series; Bat Masterson, Petticoat Junction and Branded.

General Owens
He is top brass at the Pentagon who oversees a Mosquito project.
See episode: Bilko Goes South
Played by John Boruff
As well as performing in plays, on Broadway etc. John has also written some himself, he penned Timber House (1936), Washington Jitters (1938), 
Bright Boy (1944) and The Loud Red Patrick (1956).

Lieutenant Barry Parker
An officer from the 'American Army Special Services' who starts classes in art and dancing at Fort Baxter.
See episode: The Centennial
Played by Al Checco
Character actor Al, has appeared in some of Americas’ finest exports; The Rockford Files, Dallas, Highway to Heaven, Batman and in a variety of different type roles. But my personal favourite appearance of his, was when he co-starred in some episodes of the ‘talking horse’ drama Mister Ed playing a man called Joe King, I jest not.

Private Pavaloni
New Fort Baxter recruit who has been brought in by Colonel Hall for one specific task, to beat Bilko at cards. This guy is really Paul Draylin the world famous card manipulator and gambling consultant.
See episode: Bilko Retires from Gambling
Played by Paul Draylin
Paul was famous in the world of magic for his ‘Triple Cut’ card shuffle.

Lieutenant Pearson
Army film producer, who the Pentagon wants to make a training film on spark plugs.
See episode: Platoon in the Movies
Played by Ralph Stantley
Between the years 1954 and 1955, Ralph made quite a lot of appearances on the hugely popular, Jackie Gleason comedy The Honeymooners, playing a variety of different roles.

WAC Polly Porter
An ace markswoman with the WACs at Camp Fremont, a crack shot - the new Annie Oakley.
See episode: Bilko's Sharpshooter
Played by Peggy Cass
In 1957, Peggy won a Tony award for ‘Best Featured Actress in a Play’. She won the prestigious award for her portrayal of Agnes Gooch in the stage production of Auntie Mame. The play ran for 639 performances

Corporal Blanche Ripley
She is the Colonel's new secretary, who resents being transferred to Fort Baxter from Camp Miller.
See episode: Bilko and the Colonel's Secretary
Played by Dorothy Stinnette
Between 1984 and 1987, Dorothy played Rose Donovan in a long running American TV series called Loving.

Private Riley
He is a Fort Baxter soldier, who is only heard and seen for a short time.
See episode: Empty Store
Played by??

Lieutenant Rocksberry
A good looking lady officer who tries to instal culture to Fort Baxter.
See episode: Bilko's War Against Culture
Played by Dina Merrill
Dina was born in 1925 with class oozing through her veins. She is the daughter of the famous Wall Street financier, E.F. Hutton (second largest brokerage firm in America at the time) and heiress Marjorie Merriweather Post of the Post cereal fortune. Later she got married to Stanley Rumbough Junior, heir to the Colgate toothpaste fortune. After divorcing Stanley, after 20 years of marriage, Dina then wed actor Cliff Robertson. This marriage also ended in divorce. Her third marriage was to the investment banker Ted Hartley. Together they bought RKO Studios.

General Rogers
Top brass officer who oversees the drafting of a monkey into the US army.
See episode: The Court-Martial
Played by John Boruff
Throughout his television career John would invariably be cast as a person in authority. He has been a Judge in The Defenders, Secretary of State in Espionage and in an episode of the series Hallmark Hall of Fame called 'A Woman for the Ages' he played the 6th President of America, John Adams.

Lieutenant Virginia Rogers
A WAC officer, who Bilko tries to pair off with another Lieutenant.
See episode: Bilko the Marriage Broker
Played by Constance Ford
In 1941, Constance was the face used to advertise Victory Red lipstick for the Elizabeth Arden Company.

Lieutenant Ruben
Officer who comments on Bilkos' Monte Carlo Night.
Played by Aaron Ruben the man who replaced Nat Hiken as stager of the Bilko show.

Corporal Sandberg
A pretty looking culture exponent, who is the assistant to the officer, Lieutenant Rocksberry.
See episode: Bilko's War Against Culture
Played by Mara McAfee
Mara was an artist who used to do pictures for the National Lampoon that was based on Norman Rockwells’ ‘Saturday Evening Post’ drawings. She also had a book of her work published, in 1981, called The Art of Mara McAfee.

Sergeant Sherman (aka Sherman the Shark)
Ernie tries to get the better of him at poker.....even though he's suffering from, what appears to be, an allergy to playing cards...
See episode: Bilko's Allergy 
Played by John Donovan (Jack) Cannon

An alumnus of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, J.D. is probably best known for his co-starring role of Chief Clifford in the television series McCloud, with Dennis Weaver from 1970 until 1977, for his role in Cool Hand Luke (1967), and for his role as the witness who cleared Dr. Richard Kimble (David Janssen) in The Judgment, the series finale of The Fugitive (TV series). Cannon also played General Hampton on Call to Glory (1984).

J.D. served in the army in World War II, and made his first television appearance in 1960. He played a recurring character on the short-run American western programme Alias Smith and Jones, playing a lawman named Harry Briscoe working for the Bannerman Detective Agency, and he appeared in many guest roles through his acting career. His last television acting appearance was on Law & Order in 1991.

Major Spangler
Medical Officer. He never shuts up about his own problems.
See episode: The Big Scandal
Played by Heywood Hale Broun
As well as being an actor, Heywood was also a sports writer and commentator. He worked for the New York Star, as a journalist, until the late 1940s. He became a prominent sports commentator at CBS TV in 1966. With the nickname of Woody; he called many big time sports including baseball, horse racing and golf.

General Strait
An officer of high rank who comes to Fort Baxter on the same week that Bilko and his men are training a racehorse.
See episode: The Horse
Played by John Alexander
In 1941 at the Fulton Theatre, New York John played the part of Teddy Brewster in the play Arsenic and Old Lace. This comedy drama ran for 1444 outings. In 1944, John was asked to play the role of the crazed, Teddy (a man who thinks he is Theodore Roosevelt) in the movie version as well.

Captain Styles
He is an expert on animals who Bilko consults about his valuable mink.
See episode: Mink Incorporated
Played by John Drake

Nurse Swenson
Has the task of caring for a “Sick” Ernie Bilko.
See episode: Bivouac
Played by Philippa Bevans
Philippa was a regular performer on the Broadway stage from the 1930 show Stepdaughters of War up until the 1967 show What Did We Do Wrong?.

WAC Marion
She is a very glamorous lady GI. Marion gets money off Bilko when he's caught in the WAC barracks.
See episode: The Bilko Boycott

Played by Jane Kean
In 1966, when Jackie Gleason had the idea of reviving the smash hit US comedy The Honeymooners, Jane joined the cast playing the part of Trixie Norton with great aplomb.

WAC Sally
Sally has been insured by Ernies new company. But, Bilko panics when he realises she is a triplet.
See episode: Bilko's Insurance Company
Played by??

General Terry Wade
Top brass and an old admirer of Nell Hall.
See episode: The Colonel's Second Honeymoon
Played by Tom J. Halligan
Tom had a few roles on Broadway in the shows Pal Joey (1952), Mr Wonderful (1956), The Conquering Hero (1961) and O, Say Can You See! (1962)

General J.W. Wakefield
Pentagon top brass. Bilko gets him to play a round of golf with the colonel.
See episode: The Colonel's Promotion
Played by Royal Beal
In 1955, Royal appeared at the Alvin Theatre, on Broadway, playing General Pollard in the aptly named stage production, No Time for Sergeants.

Lieutenant Tom Wallace
He is an officer who gives Bilkos section a rough time. Ernie tries to get rid of him by pairing him off with a WAC officer.
See episode: Bilko the Marriage Broker
Played by William ‘Biff’ McGuire
Biff has been nominated for Broadway's Tony Award, as Best Featured Actor in a Play, on two separate occasions. The first one was in 1997 for his performance in The Young Man from Atlanta. The second was in 2002 for his acting in the role of Theodore Swanson in Morning's at Seven.

General George Washington
Commander of the US Army during the ‘War of Independence’. Major Joshua Bilko convinces him to attack the British at Brandywine Creek and not Yorktown.
See episode: Revolutionary War
Played by Charles McClelland
Charles made his debut on the Broadway stage in the musical comedy Rio Rita in the year 1927.

General Wheeler
When this high ranking officer appears at Camp Fremont, Bilko tries to get him to make Paparelli an officer.
See episode: Warrant Officer Paparelli
Played by John Alexander
John’s last filmed appearance was in the Nat Hiken television series, Car 54 Where Are You? 

Corporal Charlie Whiteagle

Charlie is a Red Indian in the Army. His family, live next to the Tulsa Oil fields, in the state of Oklahoma. Ernie Bilko is inducted into his Cherokee tribe and given the name ‘Bald Eagle’. 
See episode: Cherokee Ernie
Played by Ira Lewis
In the year 1964, at the ANTA Washington Square Theatre, New York, Ira appeared as ‘Boy’ in the Arthur Miller play Incident at Vichy. Ira later turned his hand to playwriting. He wrote Chinese Coffee a drama about a washed up writer. It opened up on Broadway in 1992, at the Circle in the Square Theatre, with Al Pacino playing the lead role of Harry Levine.

Captain S. Witherspoon
She is the Army Wac recruiter at Fort Sumter.
See episode: Bilko’s Engagement
Played by??

Quartermaster Andrew Whitley
Writer of the script for ‘Andrew Armstrong - Tree Surgeon’
See episode: Bilko's Television Idea
Played by Cameron Andrews
In 1949 Cameron was in the stage musical comedy Texas, Li'l Darlin' at the Mark Hellinger Theatre on Broadway. The show ran for nearly a year.

Captain Whitney
Husband of ‘The Twitch’ aka Gloria Whitney.
See episode: The Twitch
Played by John Stephen
In 1944, John was the Chief Chamberlain in the Broadway play Catherine Was Great. Also in the cast was the fabulous actress, Mae West.

General Bertram Whitney
Top brass. Bilko gets him to invite Colonel Jack 'Melonhead' Hall to his reunion.
See episode: The Colonel's Reunion
Played by Howard St John
John first appeared on the Broadway stage circuit in the 1920s. From then on, he had lots of roles in Princess Charming (1930), Keeper of the Keys (1933) and Triumph (1935). He grew in popularity with Cuckoos on the Hearth (1941) and The Late George Apley (1944) and The Fatal Weakness  (1946). He took his abject gruffness into films, appearing as Police Captain Turley in the classic Alfred Hitchcock film Strangers on a Train. He carried on his career on stage and screen right up to the 1970s.

Miss Gloria Wigman
Librarian who Bilko tries to get on a date with Lieutenant Wallace.
See episode: Bilko, the Marriage Broker
Played by Janet Fox
In 1962, Janet appeared in an episode of Car 54 Where Are You?, called ‘How Smart Can You Get?‘ - Also appearing in this was Gerald Hiken, the cousin of ‘Bilko’ creator, Nat Hiken

William B. Wilkins
A rookie soldier who is the head of a basic training unit sent to Bilko.
See episode: War Games
Played by Eddie Bruce
On Broadway, Eddie appeared in the award winning musical comedy Finian’s Rainbow for all three of its runs. Eddie played the part of Buzz Collins; the years were 1947 (at the 46th Street Theatre), 1955 (City Center, Theatre) and 1960 (46th Street Theatre).

Captain Williams
An officer, who is given the unenviable task of finding a suitable camp for the 'Rock 'n’ Roll' star, Elvin Pelvin.
See episode: Rock'n'Roll Rookie
Played by Dan Frazer
1958, in the Broadway comedy play Once More, With Feeling, Dan was understudy to the great Joseph Cotton. Also appearing in this play was the irreplaceable Walter Matthau. 

General Williams
Top man at the Pentagon who tries to get 'Lieutenant' Bilko on an outer space experiment.
See episode: Lieutenant Bilko
Played by John Boruff
John appeared on Broadway, off and on, from November 29, 1933 until September 24, 1963.

Colonel Wister
Top commander - Bilko's men, unknowingly, volunteer for his mosquito experiments.
See episode: Bilko Goes South
Played by Jay Barney
Jay fought in World War II. He actually made films for the military during this period.